Gary Chapman: Healing a Troubled Marriage

Is your marriage in trouble? Dr. Gary Chapman offers two steps toward healing: dealing with past failures and communicating love.


04/17/2009 12:20:37 AM

I have been married to a Lutheran may for over 25 yrs.; Three blessed children. I did not begin this journey in the since that I was not on a career path. I traded my airings info dipper pens. A most noble decision. Now, I am officially a single person, Tim, the ex-husband hangs out at my home. I was loyal to Tim for over 25-years. I do not expect the same honestly from him. I committed me fellowship-25 years on the growing children. They knew what was going on, they knew the silliness behind both of us. My prayed is for Tim to finding career opportunities to cast themselves upon him with bewilderment! I ask for a husband who carers for my sexual needs, and not his own. I pray for the God blessed man to ask me out on a date. I do not believe in intimate connections right away.But, with God's glory, may David be that someone .



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