Barbara Crafton's: Life is hard but God is Good

Where is God when we suffer? Episcopal priest and author Barbara Crafton says she doesn’t think suffering is a sign of God’s absence. See why.


07/06/2009 10:15:50 AM

as a sole caregiver for over 8 years for a dysfunctional psychotic wife who spends most of her time raging.. i often get to the very end of my patience . and when (even believing the adage that what doesnt kill you makes you stronger) I wonder what more could possibly happen to challenge my utmost abilities to manage my chap 13 procedures, the efforts to sell my home on the courthouse steps.. and the total lack of cooperation & comprehension I get from my wife. I believe that long term vision for most Anericans extends all the way to Friday of next week .. (and for my own kids.. often not even that long !) ... this on a planet which is 5 billion years old .. I have come to the conclus. that no matter what happs.. that its a direct personal challenge to me to test my character, my resolve, my priorities, my resourcefulness, my creativity, my ingenuity, my perseverance, my FAITH.. and my comprehension that what I'm allowed to understand may not be all that GOD has TIME to communicate to me.. in the same way that I I treat my wife on a 'need to know" basis, But that at some point will show GOD that ive been listening intently for indication of HIS intentions over the last 60 years. and still waiting to see the next Chapter..


04/04/2009 01:07:34 PM

I know "GOD", is always by my side,ever so near always to watch over me and you. Our " GOD ", is a loving and caring " GOD ". He gave up his life for us all. He's there at the good times and bad times of our lives. And, I know,we will be with Him in Heaven one day to look at Him face to face. My favorite quote from the Bible is : Psalm 28:7 The "LORD ", is my Strength and my Shield; my heart Trusted in Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song I will praise Him. Yours In Christ, Ms.Marie .K. Lally, from Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Pinellas Park,Florida,The Tampabay Area, I'm known as The Scooter Lady. " GOD BLESS EVERYONE " and have a blessed Holy week and joyful Easter day.


04/03/2009 09:17:19 PM

Like Rev. Crafton says - God is where you SEEK Him. In the lowest times of my life - I have felt God. I lost all my immediate family and two husbands, and found that the reactions and sympathy of my Christian friends brought me through it, when I thought even life itself was too hard. God is also there at my greatest achievements, like finally and ultimately finding my biological family after 55 YEARS! My Mother is alive and well (at 83!) in WY, while I live in VA. With her, I found two younger brothers (the most handsome men you would ever likely meet), and a younger sister. Thank God they accepted me into their family as one of their own. Do not be afraid when you don't FEEL God; read His word and fall down on your knees and PRAY. He'll find YOU there, and the "still, small voice" will be heard. Praise God from whom all blessings flow...



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