Do You Believe in Guardian Angels?

Are angels helping people behind the scenes? Beliefnet takes to the streets to find out what you think.


05/27/2013 01:15:54 PM

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06/15/2012 12:37:46 PM

I've been blessed to know angels in my life. I do believe in angels; and they can take any form of life presence needed to do what they do best and that is to look out for you. Anyone can be God's angel. You never know. Just be thankful!


08/21/2011 04:57:17 PM

I believe in Guardian angels.They can be people who have or had a close personal connection with you,or even a random stranger.God sends us people who we need in our lives at just right time.some maybe lasting others only once or a short period of time.


03/16/2011 05:57:43 PM

i believe in angels yes. There are truly guardian angels that help and protect and i also believe in the 9 hierarchy of angels as well. they all have there place and they all help. our angel is there when we need him. but we have to ask for his or her help in order to get help. every angel is just waiting to help us when we need it most all we need to do is ask.


03/16/2011 05:10:38 PM

Sure. I do I have two of my own personal guradian angels. they are my late mom and her father. My grandfather passed away when I was about 4 and my mom passed away when I was 19. And anyone who loses someone gets their own guardian angel who watches over them till they meet them again in Heaven.


03/16/2011 04:32:57 PM

Well no caption, no subtitle and no angel?


11/17/2010 07:24:21 AM

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07/26/2010 10:52:37 AM

For it is written, He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee: And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone. Luke 4:10-11 Behold, I send an angel before you, to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place which I have prepared. Give heed to Him and hearken to His voice. Exodus 23:20-21 The Bible testifies that GOD has provided assistance for us in our spiritual conflict. In addition the Bible, in nearly (300) three hundred places, also teaches us that GOD has countless Angels at HIS command. Furthermore, GOD has commissioned these Angels to aid HIS children in their struggles and conflicts against Satan.

07/26/2010 10:50:42 AM

One evening, I was visiting my husband in the hospital, reading scripture to him. This became a daily event for us, for he had been hospitalized for many months, healing, from catastophic injuries, acquired from a vehicle accident. During scripture reading, I hesitated, looking out of his window. His bed was facing the window….I hesitated, because….. I was hearing,………hearing the most “BEAUTIFUL, HEAVENLY SOUND” I have ever heard….and my husband was hearing it too….He immediately said to me, “Do you hear what I am hearing?” I said, “Yes, I am hearing”…..he then asked me, “What are you hearing”?, (only to note: that I am hearing impaired) I answered, “I will tell you, what it is, that I am hearing, after you answer me, “What are you now hearing”?…..My husband said, “It is the most beautiful sound, I am hearing a whole choir of angels!” And yes, “That is what I am hearing a Heavenly Sound, of the Choired Angels!. A year had past, and we had a visitor at the house to see my husband, he was a brother-in-law whom I never met. Upon visiting my husband and discussing with him his accident, he testified to the fact, that even though he was not around to see him last year, he did have a prayer service said for him. And he then told us, the day he went to the church, the ministers daughter offered the opening prayer service to send a “CHOIR of ANGEL”S” to help heal him (my husband). We just looked their in awe at each other. His brother-in-law asked us, “what was wrong?” We then told him, that little did he know, he was bringing us great news, and to us, the truth of “THE CHOIR of ANGEL’S” that we indeed hear. For He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. ~ Psalm 91:11

07/26/2010 10:49:28 AM

I am Angel Messenger, I touch your hearts with GOD’s Love and His Wisdom that I have come to know from HIS WORD, and from My Experiences with HIM. All whom come to me I touch so that they may change, and touch others. You have met my spirit to HEAR HIS TRUTHS, and open your hearts and minds to HIS WISDOM. DO NOT HAVE ANY FEAR, for HE will be with thee and comfort thee all the days of your lives. HE creates us to be renewed in HIS SPIRIT, HIS mustard seed wishes to grow with you, (Matthew:31 He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. 32Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches.” Open your heart and spirit to HIM. Let Him fill you heart with HIS LOVE and WARMTH, you will know what TRUTH HE has to say, you will just know and feel HIM in your Heart and mind. Proverbs 2: 10 For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul. But please remember, GOD only gave us (10) Ten Commandments, just ten (10), there are no deviations for HIS Commandments they are very plain and simple, but HIS biggest commandment of all was and is, “TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF”. Love has no room for HATE, and it is in LOVE that we obtain WISDOM of MIND, HEART, and SOUL, and with that, comes WISDOM of SPEECH. The TONGUE, although it is our main form of communication, it inflicts much pain on others. Words have meaning to them, they are as POWERFUL as the MOLECULES in the AIR, in which we BREATHE, and they are transmitted through thought, again…..THOUGHT comes from within. So CHOOSE your words carefully, NEVER SAY ANYTHING THAT YOU DO NOT MEAN, but yet, say what you mean, and mean what you say…but be CAREFUL! YOU MAY GET YOUR WISH! Let our light shine now to illuminate the darkness of ignorance, and give us courage and strength and vision to commit ourselves to GOD’S WILL. Let us all begin with our new millennium, may our mind and hearts be open to GOD’S POWER, and may we all find encouragement in HIS WORD, and may HE always guide us towards the people and resources that will ease our confusion and stregthen our faith. Angel Star Speaks again, awaken to hear her voice and write….2000


10/07/2009 09:33:13 PM

I truly believe in angels because when i was eighteen my guardian angel came to my rescue, as I was about to set foot on the street to walk across a busy intersection, on my way home from school studying to become a certified nursing assistant. whom I could only describe as my guardian Angel stuck his arm out across my chest to stop me from taking that step into the street as a red pick up trucked sped across in front of my face, had I been able to take that step, I would not be here today because I would have been killed at the speed the truck was traveling.. when I walked across the street in a daze, I turned to thank the person for saving my life but he was nowhere in site when look for him he had vanished into thin air... Another instance where my guardian Angel came to my rescue was about 2 yrs. ago when I was driving home late at night after visiting family about 15 miles away from home when I fell asleep at the wheel, I suddenly felt someone hit my left arm which of course was next to the drivers door and it woke me up to find myself in the oncoming traffic lane with an oncoming vehicle heading straight at me less than 100ft. from us, had my guardian angel not been with me again that night my husband, two kids and myself would have been in a terrible head on collision which I fear to even imagine how bad the outcome would have been when I looked around at my family in the car after regaining my composure they were all fast asleep so the only explanation was that again my Guardian Angel saved our lives that night...


10/02/2009 02:13:00 PM

I'm thankful for my Guardian Angels watching over me. My Guardian Angels helped me from being injured or worse, during an accident while taking a stroll with my Mother. When I was an infant, my Mother was walking me in a stroller across a major busy road called Blackstone Ave in Fresno, CAlif. Suddenly, an Elderly Man was turning the corner in his vehicle, he didn't see me and my Mom and he ran over the top of my entire stroller. The stroller was demolished, but I was not injured at all. I was OK! Thanks to my Angels. The paramedics rushed me to the hospital inspite of my situation, just to be sure their was nothing wrong. My report came back healthy and I believe I may have had a small bruise, but thats all. My Mother was not harmed, but in complete shock from what had just occurred. What a blessing and gift to be alive. Much gratitude to my Angels and most of all God...


10/02/2009 07:49:54 AM

I LOVE my Guardian Angels, and my family's and friend's Guardian Angels too...without their guidience, I don't know how we all would have made it to where we all are today!! They ALWAYS seem to be around when we need them~what a wonderful feeling!! I pray everyone has a chance in their lifetime's to get their Guardian Angel's Blessings, and to Thank them for their help~Thank You God for giving us your Guardian Angel's!! Peace to all... Micheline


09/15/2009 11:17:36 AM

Guardian aingels are all around us. They are in our thoughts but the free will that we posess sometimes gets in the way. We have to ask for help and allow them to help. The times when it isn't our time and they are there to make sure we are safe. They are the embassaries of God (higher power) and they are assigned to help us and do God's work. We are here for God's work and to learn. I was saved from an oncoming semi-truck. There was an accidentinvolving several vechicles and to avoid the crash while coming over the hill, a semi came into my lane (two way state highway). There was an eight foot ditch or the semi. I closed my eyes and yelled God help me. I thought I would flip in the ditch or be hit by the semi and neither happened. I opened my eyes to see I had stopped on a hill about 12 feet from where I was orginially. The semi truck drive ran up to me to check on me. He said that was the best driving he had every seen. The semi got locked by the back of the truck a head of him and couldn't move any further. He said it looked like I flew over the ditch. That was the work of guardian angels, no doubt in my mind. He also asked what I helled and I said Oh God Help Me. He was surprised. Think he was thinking something like a cuss word. LOL! That wouldn't of helped me at all. LOL!


09/13/2009 05:55:15 PM

Yes,I believe in guardian angels. I fell asleep driving home one day about 12 yrs ago. I was jolted awake even though I crashed, I wasn't seriously injured. I also believe in animal guardian angels. a white owl saved the life my sister,niece grand-daughter and I on night about 5 yrs ago. We would have gone off in a flooded river one night going to my daughter's . The owl was in the middle of the road and kept us from going into the river.


09/12/2009 08:07:03 PM

I have been looked after since my birth. They were there when I needed them to help me live/survive. Some may call it coincidence or luck, but, I know better. Didn't realize it then, but now with having lived 60 years, I thank them for their intervention. You do not have to "see" them to know they're there. All have to do is listen with your soul.


09/12/2009 09:34:11 AM

"The rest of the story!!"-Yesterday, I gave a "sketchy" account of how God healed the Hep.B I had in Mexico in 1968. In Sept. of 1967, I was sitting on the ground in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco in a state of depression. I was seeking truth rather than the stereotypical life at that time. Not having found THE satisfactory answer[s], I spoke to God, saying I would sit there until He gave me a reason to move, no matter how long it took! Being a weekday, there were few people present in an area the size of at least two football fields. After only an hour or so, a lady in a red coat gave me a peanut butter sandwich. She said she was also supposed to give me a message. Basically she said I would see and meet Jesus Christ In March of 1968. When I asked her how she knew that, she responded, "I AM AN ANGEL!!" I bent my head down to take a bite of the sandwich and thought, "I didn`t thank her." When I looked up, after only a few seconds, there was NO ONE in a red coat, among very few people there!! It was March of 1968, when I, and four men who prayed for me in a missionary`s house in Mexico, saw the physical presence of the Spirit of God in the room pass through me, healing me after five days of illness. I was diagnosed at a Baptist hospital in Puebla as BEING HEALED BY A MIRACLE!! In the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John, we are told angels will preach the Gospel in the last days. God`s "math" is way different than ours!! John also says we may not be aware that we are being visited by an angel. I have seen an angel. I have seen the Spirit Person of Christ, the Great Physian. PLEASE, keep on believin!!!


04/01/2009 02:05:01 PM

I believe in them too! Check out my journal entry to see my guardian angel story.


01/30/2009 09:30:43 PM

Yes I believe in them . I am an epilectic and when I have had a sizure well some one seems to be there to show which way to fall. O.K. that sounds trivial but believe me an Guardian angel is my only explanation for the auras, what looks like shimmering lights that appear, not every time . but sometimes around the edges of my glasses helps know that something is about to happen & then I can prepare myself. And over the last 4 months one has had be on duty . I lost my mother and I had to deal with that. Not that it was unexpected but its still a shock to the system so one was looking out for me & I assume my sister & her family.And as for us being each others guardian angels . Well in the broadest sense , especial;ly covers firemen , police & EMT s,


01/28/2009 12:03:17 PM

I believe in Guardian Angels! HUGS for Guardian Angels!



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