Joel Osteen: You Can Be Happier Than You Are

Joel Osteen talks about not letting the little things steal your joy. Don't let things that don't matter rob you of happiness.


09/22/2011 11:18:10 AM

Joel Osteen talks about being happy, but there's a significant difference between happiness and joy. Happiness relates to happenings. When disagreeable things happen, I might feel unhappy, sad or distressed. But if our hope is anchored in Jesus Christ - and not ourselves or our own capabilities - we still can experience joy that transcends our circumstances. I don't believe God in the Bible promises us happiness. We live in a broken, sin-scarred world, so there's going to be plenty to make us unhappy, at least at times. But the joy He promises is anchored in hope - confident assurance, earnest expectation - that the Lord is in control and is actively pursuing our best interests, even when it doesn't seem that way. As believers, we can have true hope. All non-believers can have is "hope-so."



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