05/29/2012 09:18:32 AM

this is ridiculous i use to love to go on here and see my horoscope directly the change is not a good suggestion.


12/12/2011 07:01:05 AM

Please, please read the other comments and do something!!!!! OR post how to get a current horoscope!


11/21/2011 10:19:23 AM

I also am not thrilled with the new video system. It s hard to use and for some reason all I am getting is a video from July 2010. What happened to the regular daily reading we are used to getting. I have been reading it faithfully for a long time now. I guess I am just spoiled but I really liked the old way best.


11/21/2011 09:23:20 AM

I do not like this new video method. Even tho I log in under my sign and the headers say it's my sign, it still starts with scopio. It's a big pain.