Anne Lamott: Experiencing a New Life

How have you been made anew in your life? Hear writer Anne Lamott's inspiring personal story of finding new life, as she also talks on the resurrection of Jesus.


04/29/2009 12:33:20 PM

Hi, I am greatful to my Lord and saviour,Jesus Christ for his sacrifice at Golgotha.His marvelous ressurection.I look forward to each day with a new Love and hope to tell anyone about our saviour,Jesus.I look forward to Jesus taking us out of here.I pray that all may come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.God Bless,Denise


04/11/2009 08:32:54 PM

Because of myriad health problems, both physical and emotional, I, too, have experienced "new birth" and have had to start over several times, from rock bottom, many, many times. I won't say it was easy; I had the help of my Mom through most of them. But with her death in 1991, I've been on my own. New beginnings are only the mirror image of Christ's resurrection. I became "dead" to my old life, and, through trial and error, became a "new" person with every near-death experience. I believe God has a purpose for EVERYONE'S life, not just mine. I have found that I am much more compassionate and loving as a result of "starting over," because I can relate to almost any experience. I'm a "people person," and if I help just ONE person on their journey, it will have been worth it.



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