Therese Borchard: Getting Through the Rough Spots

Therese Borchard shares her thoughts on how she gets through the rough spots on the road to recovery from depression.


11/20/2012 12:24:09 PM

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07/12/2009 02:27:27 AM

Wow... I now Know that I deffinately did not just stumble upon and Beyond Blue. I know that The One and Only Lord Almighty set everything The beliefnet community to offer right in my lap. Therese I just want to tell you that I find everything u do very Inspirational, Moving, True, Caring, well You have the ability to be able to help me Heal. I am sure I am not the only person out there that is able to Heal, Change, Aspire,and just Plain Learn From...LoL... I deffinately look forward to future discussion and posts from you. Honestly you are refreshing... I hope I dont sound weird or stalker like.. Stalker,, thats funny,,, Sorry,, I get sidetracked easily when I'm anxious.. Like you said It's Kinda crowded up there sometimes, with all the differnt personalities talkin... Anyways.. The whole reason everything feels so right and So So very Right,, I think for the 1st time in my life Im where Im suppose to be. One thing I have always lacked is The ability to be around Positive, Proud, People that wanted to build you UP>>>With advice, support, and understanding,, even just every day life.. 1st and Foremost Living by God, For god and For Goodness, Love, and Loyalty....I use to be Negative about howcome I wasnt loved enough by God to be around people that wanted good for me. I have been overwhelmed with people that wanted to tear u down,, belittle you, embarass u, scare u, destroy u... However that was in the past.. Right now I am looking at alot of positive people that have so much to offer and some understanding.. So I am deffinately excited about My Journey to my New life,, Closing of the old and Building of new.. So for that U are contributing,, and helping me.. So thank you.. God Bless..


04/18/2009 06:50:17 AM

Keep it up, at least you're not just lieing on your couch, like I am. just wishing the Earth would just open up and swallow me, but with my luck I'd give it heartburn and be spit right back out. Oh well things will get better for us both if we believe in ourselves. Melissa45



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