Meet the Godwinks Guy

Beliefnet's SQuire Rushnell on Good Morning America, April 24.


04/22/2009 10:30:31 AM

hi i worked with your sister in law, joy, and i also know king....good couple gigi


04/22/2009 06:55:40 AM

I too have just concluded one of Squire Rushnell's books I was so amazed by his writings that I have since then started a journal book in which I enter what I feel was a Godwink. If you do think about certain things that happen in your life you too will believe in Godwinks. Just one small incident happened to me on 4-16-09 decided that it was time to do some cleaning and get rid of things that I no longer needed.. That very same day while doing some reading came across an article about Giving Graciously. so that is what I proceeded to do and gave the items to a needy family that i knew and felt so good about it. Have many more enteries in my journal and plan on writing down everyone that I remember. Godwinks are truly believeable and want to thank Mr. Rushnell for all of his wonderful writings please keep them coming. Always be very alert for you never know when God is winking at you. Keep winking my Lord!


04/22/2009 04:06:53 AM

Thank you for sharing


04/22/2009 03:59:48 AM

It's amazing I have the almost same story the only difference is I had a daughter whom swallowed her first bowel movement and was diagnosed with meconium she couldn't breath on her own for at least a month and the doctors wanted to give up because they felt I could have another baby. I didnt give up I went to GOD because he knew just wher I was and just like you I was raised up in a hom wher my uncle was a Pastor and my mothe a Sunday school teacher. I had never had to trust GOD on my own but, when the Dr. ? gave and wanted to take the machine off I did the only rational thing to do. I went to GOD hoping HE could do these miricals I had read about in sunday school. Well needless to say she is the girl I prayed for and she made 25 yrs old this past Janurary. That was the first real Godwink I knew it could have only been GOD. I could go on and on but I want. I will say God has not stop winking on me or my family. I am a walking, talking book waiting to be wrote. Praise GOD! ! !


04/12/2009 02:43:01 PM

Let's support SQuire Rushnell, Godwink Stories on Good Morning America this Thursday April 16th! We want GOD on morning television!


04/07/2009 08:39:31 PM

Ever since I purchased your book, "when God winks" I am truly amazed by all the people I have met for a specific reason in my life. Now thanks to you, I know it is meant for me to meet these people, and why I have crossed there path, and was there for them, as well as myself. You are truly an awesome writer, and person of wonderful faith.


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