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04/30/2009 07:01:43 PM

Hi SQuire - I read your book about two years ago and find myself looking for and receiving God winks. Late last year I was driving to work with a strong belief that I was going to get bad news of being laid off. I had spent the night before crying wondering where God was. During my commute to work the next morning a VW Bug squeezed it's way between me and car in front of me on the freeway, as I focused in on the license plate it said, "ITLBEOK". That Bug stayed in front of me the entire time I was on the freeway until I exited at which point he moved over to the fast lane and kept going. I smiled big and with tears I called a friend (with whom I had shared your book) and said, "Hey, you want hear a God wink?" It's all good! J.


04/15/2009 08:11:54 AM

Hi SQuire, My son gave me a book several years ago - The Celestine Prophecy. It was there that I learned that there are no coincidences. As you note, if we pay attention we soon realize that this is true. I see you live on Martha's Vineyard. I have only been there once. The fog was too thick over Nantucket, so we had to put down on a different island. I was quite young at the time. We spent summers on Nantucket back in the fifties. Dad was general manager of Sears Roebuck in Yonkers and he had bought a duplex in Surfside for about $12,000. When I turned seven we moved Upstate and Dad decided the cottage was more maintenance trouble than it was worth. He sold it to my aunt at the price he paid. She is now 96. Dad is 91. And my mom will be 90 later this year. It has been a cold winter up here in Cortland, New York, and it still dips to freezing at night. Mom is anxious to get back out on the golf course. I was drawn to your Group. No coincidence about it. Warm regards, Doug Bentley


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