The Faith of Jehovah's Witnesses

What do you know about Jehovah's Witnesses? Journalist Joel P. Engardio, who was raised in the faith, explains their beliefs and attempts to change stereotyped images.


03/15/2010 12:38:00 AM

Instead of first focusing on what Jehovah's witnesses believe. It's much better to focus on what the Bible itself teaches,what Christ taught his true followers to believe back in the 1st Century and then compare the beliefs to Jehovah's Witnesses today to see if they match.At 1st Corinthians 6:9-11 the Apostle Paul lists off all the unrighteous things that God condemns barring one from inheriting God's Kingdom.One of the unrighteous things listed were Homosexual acts, and then it goes on and states in vs 11 yet that is WHAT SOME OF YOU WERE,but you have been washed have been declared righteous".Obviously these unrighteous people changed and left behind their unrighteous practices and became true Christians. At Romans 1:26-31 the apostle Paul under inspiration from God states God's condemnation and disapproval of Homosexuality.If God created us to be born homosexual wouldn't it have been wicked on his part to destroy Sodom and Gomorah because of their homosexual acts?????However,far be it from the true God to act wickedly!!! At Genesis 1:27 it states that God made man in his image,"he created them male and female" NOT HOMOSEXUAL! .At Isa.64:8 it says that "God is our Potter and that we are the Clay.At Romans 9:20 it says " O man,who then,really are you to be answering back to God? Shall the thing molded say to him that molded it,"why did you make me this way?"Does not the potter have authority over the clay......?"Just as a person is not born a thief,murderer,fornicator,pedophile neither is one born a homosexual. God created us male and female. It's only us ourselves that choose to become these unrighteous things that our Creator condemns. However, Almighty God JEHOVAH who is love knows we can change and leave these unrighteous practices behind and become clean in his eyes like the 1st century true followers of Christ did. Please read Isaiah 55:7.


08/17/2009 12:52:54 AM

jwandproud, the man speaking in the video was born homosexual. jw's really do believe that homosexuality is perverted behaviour, like pedophilia or masturbation or pre-marital sex. you are part of a religion that obviously has never gotten to know homosexual people or you'd realise very quickly that they are as gay as you are (assumedly) straight, that they have just as much love to give as you, but unlike you they fall in love with people who are the same sex as you. i imagine that it is for this reason the director chose to leave the organisation, as he would no doubt feel repressed and not "himself" to stay and live a lie. homosexuality is NOT something you can just change. it is not just behaviour that can be modified. it is who you are, and it does not take anything away from you as a good human being, nor does it take anything away from straight people who want to love each other and have children. the jw's live in a bubble with mis-guided, eutopian ideologies that may work for them as a group, but simply do not work for this species as a whole. it is just too fundamental to fully encompass the entire human experience on this planet. plus, there is no god. but that's just a small aside.


03/01/2009 02:00:16 PM

jwandproud, Have you possibly not watched the "KNOCKING" video. I does answer your confusion on it in the journalist interview. It was very good in an journalist point of view. It would be great to hear your comments after you watch it.


02/11/2009 10:42:44 AM

Was looking for the watchtower to listen to the mp3 file while I sort through some junk from my room and happened upon this website. Was a little fearful of listening to the video because there are some people out there, apostates, who hate and revile JWs and we are encouraged to avoid such ones. This video is very nice and what I have seen is accurate from my experience with JWs over the years. Here is the thing though. Why would a person who acknowledges he has chosen not to embrace the religion himself be a spokesperson or "expert witness" (no pun intended but there it is) that is the first puzzle for me. the second is this, why would a man who says publicly that he does not believe spend so much time on this. the third is: after acknowledging that JWs work for a living at regular secular jobs, he stated that he opted to be a journalist rather than a witness. Huh? I have been a renegade myself at times, not proud of this, so I am not trying to judge here, but there is a big piece of this puzzle missing. Love, Kathleen



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