Jehovah's Witnesses: Jesus and the Trinity

Jehovah's Witnesses believe both similar and different ideas about Jesus, next to mainline Christianity. Discover what these are from a man whose mother has been a Jehovah's Witness for 30 years.


07/16/2013 01:21:05 AM

At Revelation 3:12 Jesus states "My God" 4 times in this one verse. Jesus at no time in the scriptures ever claimed to be "God Almighty" he only claimed to be "God's Son". (John 10:34 -36)Jesus taught his followers that he had both a God and Father. (John 20:17) In fact Jesus in prayer identified his Father as "The Only True God" John 17:3. The apostles believed that Jesus had both a God and Father (Eph 1:3,17, 1Peter 1:3 At John 3:16 it clearly states that "God loved the world so much that he gave his only begotten Son" The Father whose name is JEHOVAH (Ps 83:18) is a separate person than his "only begotten Son Jesus Christ. John 8:17,18, John 6:38, John 7:15 The Trinity doctrine is a 4th Century apostate Catholic demon inspired teaching that was borrowed from the pagans to obscure and hide God's true identity.(1Tim4:1-3)


04/17/2012 04:28:53 PM

In Rev 1:8 Jehovah names himself the “Alpha and Omega”8 “I am the Al ́pha and the O�me ́ga,” says Jehovah God, “the One who is and who was and who is coming, the Almighty.”When we get to chapter 22 Jehovah speaks again:12 “‘Look! I am coming quickly, and the reward I give is with me, to render to each one as his work is. 13 I am the Al ́pha and the O�me ́ga, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. 14 Happy are those who wash their robes, that the authority [to go] to the trees of life may be theirs and that they may gain entrance into the city by its gates. 15 Outside are the dogs and those who practice spiritism and the fornicators and the murderers and the idolaters and everyone liking and carrying on a lie.’16 “‘I, Jesus, sent my angel to bear witness to you people of these things for the congregations. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright morning star.’” Look at that! Alpha and Omega “the Almighty” is Jesus! Witnesses have told me, “There are many voices in Revelation” Yes there are! John, Jesus, angels and others find their voice in the book. BUT here in Rev 22 there is only one voice who begins in v13 identifying Himself as Alpha and Omega and finishes with His name “Jesus” in verse 16 The greatest proof to me about the Trinity is the statement...Greater love hath no man than this that he gives his life for his friends....Would God be demonstrating this love for us by killing a created thing in our place? Would God be demonstrating his love for us by killing his Son for us if his son is less that Himself...How cruel! No, God demonstrated his love for us by giving his own life in the person of Jesus for us.


05/29/2010 02:26:05 AM

blackjackvegas, appreciate your comments. Something you might find rather interesting is that Sir Isaac Newton was also anti-trinity. He also studied Greek and found corruptions in the Greek text in particular John 1:1. that he told to his friend John Locke. This can be found in the encyclopedia Britannica. Jesus is definitely God's only begotten son who was created by his God and Father JEHOVAH. (Prov.8:22-31 Colossians 1:15,16, Revelation 3:12,14) Satan will do anything to divert worship away from the One and Only True God JEHOVAH (Deuteronomy 6:4-5) By obscuring,confusing, hiding God's identity. The demon-inspired doctrine of the Trinity was indeed the biggest identity theft ever masterminded by Satan using his instrument theCatholic Church 2Thess2:3-12.


05/27/2010 11:48:11 AM

Readbible - I am not a JW but I have been a faithful servant of God since 1994. I held firmly to the doctrine of the trinity but a year or two ago when I picked up two books that changed everything. One was "One God & One Lord" by Mark h. Graser and John w. Schoenheit and the other was "When Jesus Become God" by Richard E. Rubenstein. Both are amazing books. If anyone approaches the issue of the trinity with an open mind and reads any of the verse you pointed out would come to the same conclusion. The reason why most Christians are so mocking of believers such as you and I is because they refuse to let go of their cultural and preconceived beliefs of Jesus being God. Notice how my fellow brethren that hold to Jesus being God can never fully dispute or argue otherwise. Sure they will use a number of "go-to verse: such as Jn 1:1, Mt 1:23, Mk 2:7, Lk 8:39 and many others. However, if they truly took the time to get rid of those preconceived ideas they might learn the truth that Jesus is our Lord and Savior but He is not God as the churches have believed since the mid 300's. As for the brethren that believe ion the Trinity I respect you and I will not mock your faith. After all to both camps Jesus is the only way to God the Father and salvation is only found in Christ Jesus. I understand that not everyone has the same faith level or ability to grasp the truth at all times. So I will accept my brothers and sisters who view things other wise and work with them to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. Even if I am wrong, and I could be, by not believing in the trinity will not send me to hell. What will send me to hell is that fact that I never had a truly personal and life transforming relationship with Jesus and God. Now that is a something to work towards with great fear and struggle. I will not bother wasting my time arguing scripture with someone that is not willing to say that they may be wrong. As I said, I might be wrong about Jesus and that Jesus may be in fact God himself. There, I am willing to say that I may be wrong..who else among you is willing to say likewise and truly study the doctrine of the trinity with a truly open mind? Oh one last thing, someone asked about the Holy Spirit." Well the Holy Spirit is not an individual but God's power, will, and his holiness is made manifest in our life. Thank you for your thoughts and for all those reading this reply. May God be with you at all times and may you always seek His face, no matter the cost to you.


03/14/2010 02:45:16 PM

There's a valid reason why the word "Trinity" is not found in the Bible. Why Jesus Christ never used the word neither did the Apostles nor any of the 1st Century Christians that's because this Doctine that Jesus never taught didn't exist until hundreds of years after his death.. According to the Encyclopedia Britanica the "Trinity Doctrine had not been invented until 381 C.E or the 4th Century after Christ. Jesus never taught his followers he was Almighty God but only the Father was Almighty God and that he was the "only begotten son of God". In fact he taught his followers rather than he being Almighty God that he had a God and father himself like they did. (John 20:17) That is why both the Apostles Paul and Peter in their greetings to the Congregations stated "Blessed be the God and Father of our lord Jesus Christ"(2 Corinthians 1:3,Ephesians 1:3,1Peter 1:3)All Christ's followers correctly believed Jesus was God's son (Matthew 16:13-17,John 20:31) Jesus Christ certainly never believed nor claimed that he was God but rather he always taught that he had a God. While being put to death he cried out "My God,My God,why have you forsaken me?"(Matthew 27:46) If Jesus was really God why was he crying out to himself???? At Hebrews 5:7 Apostle Paul stated that Jesus" learned obedience through the things he suffered." Almighty God doesn't need to learn anything from anyone. In fact Jesus said that the Father taught him and that he did nothing of his own initiative.(John 8:28,John 12:49,50)Unlike Jesus, Almighty God not only doesnt need to learn anything neither does he need to obey anyone. Unlike Jesus who always obeyed his Father and God in everything!(John 15:10) IF Jesus was really God and he really died, who was it that resurrected him???After Jesus' resurrection and acension to heaven was Jesus still subject to his God and Father?? At 1 Corinthians 11:3 which was written 22 years after Jesus death and resurrection to Heaven,Paul stated that Christ was under headship to God,just like a wife was under headship to her husband and the man was under headship to Christ. At Revelation 3:12 written in 96 c.e, 63 years after Jesus Death and resurrection, Jesus states 4 times in this one verse that he has a God just like we have a God. Who is this Almighty God and Father of the lord Jesus Christ?? At Exodus 6:3 and Psalms 83:18 in the older King James Bibles you will find his name in Capital letters JEHOVAH. The reason newer translations of the Bible do not have Almighty God's name is because they have removed it. It's quite interesting if you go to bible which shows newer and older translations and you will see that almost all the newer translations have removed Almighty God's personal name JEHOVAH. Originally when the Bible was written, God's name JEHOVAH was written 7000 times. Who's interests are really being served in removing the Divine name Jehovah from his word the Bible???? As well as hiding his identity as to who he really is by means of the later 4th century doctrine of the Trinity that Jesus never taught and in no way believes. For the true answer please read(1timothy 4:1)


09/04/2009 12:49:32 PM

What we have here is that the watchtower changed the true meaning of the bible so it shows that they are denying the whole meanig as it deals all to Christ as our saviour and we are his witness in all. the Bible teachs that they are both equal and not partual in meaning. but fully God in all. pluse there teaching is the same as mormons teaching as well on who Christ is .


05/10/2009 01:57:10 PM

And what about the Holy Spirit?


01/01/2009 09:23:38 AM

in reference to the video about Jesus and the Trinity - wrong!



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