Odyssey Networks:Joan Chittister: Harvesting Your Anger

Do people try to talk you out of your anger? This activist nun, Sister Joan Chittister, says that strong emotions can give us the energy we need to change the world.


04/21/2011 10:14:56 PM

Amen to this! It's time we got back to a simpler life! A life where people didn't depend on drugs to suppress their passion! Emotion is human and emotion is real. To suppress it or hide our emotion is to become less than human beings. Every great discovery was based on emotion, passion, "fire" in the soul to create something better, more useful, freedom and independence~ Going along with the crowd or being one of those "can do" YES men is not making anything better and not making positive changes! We need to step back to a time when people were real!


04/21/2011 09:59:06 PM

My grandma would get upset with her boys and husband, they would be messing around with grandpa, not getting the garden ready. She got mad, so she did it herself. My Grandmother has always been an inspiration in my life. Thanks for the reminder. Amen


04/21/2011 01:07:33 PM

No caption or no subtitle. I'm still angry as long as no recovery to understand the messages?


10/03/2009 12:07:55 PM

Thank you, this has just been what I have been needing to hear.


09/29/2009 09:38:49 AM

Joan is an absolutely incredible voice of the Church - I only wish that she was given a more official forum. What a gift her words are to all of us who are trying to find our voice and the activist inside us.


11/16/2008 08:20:17 AM

I just saw Joan Chittister's clip on anger. A very important reflection. It reminded me of what St. Augustine said: "Hope has two lovely daughters, anger and courage." There is nothing wrong with anger; What makes it right or wrong is what we do with it: use it to motivate us to struggle against unfairness and injustice, or become violent against ourselves, others, and nature. Thanks to Joan for her many years of courageous leadership Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz



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