Richard Gere: Enlightenment

Actor and noted Buddhist activist Richard Gere talks about the important role that daily practice plays on the path to enlightenment.


05/21/2011 04:54:50 PM

"Rome wasn't built in a day" Is Richard Gere really supporting a thorn in the but of China. We know how much the daemonic daddy Berlusconi loves to blame communism. Not that the Dalai Lama isn't pleasant. At lest the Dalai Lama actually is reincarnated as a baby instead of the 10 year old Berlu daemonic spirit channel cannibal. Yes China is crowed and seemingly oppressive compared to our all you can eat western extravaganza but they have a secret for governance and they do have a history all be it diminished of grater equitable lifestyles. Similarly Richard Gere isn't a bad guy but turn around. We don't want Berlu WW3



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