God Loves You

Remember that no matter what, God loves you!


10/31/2011 05:43:27 AM

I am a beautiful, divine spiritual being. I am in complete control of my mental faculties. I will only entertain progressive, positive life-giving thoughts in my mind. I will NOT be open to any negative, suggestive thoughts from myself or any other person. Each day I shall grow stronger and wiser and more in control of my life. I shall radiate peace, love, and goodwill to all life. Amen.


04/17/2011 03:05:18 PM

I forgot to add...This is what you call "Real Unconditional Love"...Amen!


04/17/2011 03:00:59 PM

Sometimes I need reassurance...even though there is no doubt in my mind and in my heart God loves me, because I feel it. I think watching this video every morning gives me an extra sense of security. Also, it reminds me to spread the word...I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. But that's just me being me.


04/17/2011 09:55:25 AM

Early one morning, after a very long night of struggling with the enemy, I help bring a hardened man to Christ. A short time later I had a vision (that's the best way I can describe it) of beautiful flowers blooming. It went on for a few minutes and it was incredible. This video reminded me of that experience. God is awesome!


04/17/2011 06:17:49 AM

i have done many things in the past i am not very proud of but in my most darkest momenents i knew God was there to help me and carry me through my most diffucult times YES GOD DOES TRULY LOVE US NO MATTER Who or what you may have done just ask for forgiveness and YOU will receive it i do know this from personal experiences Glory to God in the highest!!


03/31/2011 05:04:00 PM

That was a really beautiful video.


02/19/2011 01:10:24 AM

That is simply beautiful


02/15/2011 05:44:58 PM

thank u i enjoy it may God bless u


02/14/2011 06:59:42 PM

thank you LORD.for my LIFE'here on earth' Iam grateful for my FAMILY and my FRIEND's thank you LORD for my health and energy and strength' to do all that I do. AMEN.


02/14/2011 04:10:02 PM

Just sat down at the computer and was viewing your video. And then a message pops up from our estranged daughter... It simply says...Happy Valentines Day! Tears welled up in my eyes...


02/14/2011 03:23:18 PM

I viewed the video and I think that sometimes we tend to forget, God is always there,) and we ask ourselves the question (Who Moved?) Its for sure God didn't move, we are to blame, by choice, we move away from God , God didn't move away from us. God Loves Us Unconditional ! We all make mistakes and come short of the Glory of God, but ask for forgivness and leave it at the foot of the cross and pick up and go forward. Praise God Be The Glory!


02/14/2011 12:54:51 PM

I watch the video and it brought tears to my eyes' for some odd reason and it touched my inner parts. Beautiful! I would also like to add this. I am in a situation where THROUGH Thy Lord, I am taking care of 4 other people that are not employed with just my part time income, and my income. I ask that prayer goes up for my husband, and son to get a job. They do not have patience, and belief that God will make a way. Please pray that the tides change. It is not easy, it is kind of differcult but I am keeping the faith. I am a cargiver to all within my family and some that are not but at times I get so tired but God I know has a plan, and I must stand on that for he will not put no more on me than I can bare. Thank you!


02/14/2011 09:25:12 AM

I want to pray for my husband so he can get more work. May the LORD help us in get more work in order to be OK with our expenses. Thank U LORD>



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