Rick Warren Interview: On Gay Marriage and Divorce

Pastor Rick Warren says divorce is a bigger threat to families than gay marriage.


04/07/2009 04:34:28 PM

Man with holes (he's far from holy, and I'm not judging him, just his actions) speak with forked tongue. Proposition 8 and marriage that is STATE registered denied to same gender is the issue. Religious can keep their matrimony ceremonies intact and practice wonton bigotry as they may. But as long as Religion gets a free ride (503(c) non profit status) on the backs of hard working tax paying people like myself... I not only should have equal access, I demand it. Else - could I have my tax dollars back please and begin paying for your own roads, fire and police protections? Thanks


12/29/2008 02:05:16 PM

I agree with Prop 8. I also agree with Rick Warren on not changing the definition of marriage. I don't agree with some other things he talks about though. I think someone else should have been better suited for the prayer with President Obama. Rick Warren is to much of a secular christian imo.


12/28/2008 09:23:10 PM

I find it interesting that Warren has taken down alot of the links in his site that concerned Gays. As far as the 5000 years of "marriage" and it between a man and woman, that statement is false. Women were PROPERTY. Women didnt even get the right to vote until the 1890's. He said some balloney about marrying animals? Lets get REAL. No he needs to get real. Thats a lame and disgusting suggestion along with a brother and sister getting married. Lets see he also said that a child and older person shouldnt marry, Good God whats the LEGAL age? Most if not all this was nothing but horse s***. He said that prop8 kept him able to have the freedom of speech? More horse s***. This zealot has likend gays to pedophiles, incest and rape. He has generalized gays as being immoral and less than human and our new President is welcoming HIM with open arms? Why is it that the United States wont get religion out of it. Whats happened to SEPERATION of church and state? And why in the HELL is this glutonis hate mongerer on TV? Talk about a waste of air time. This is the kind of ick that sickens me.


12/28/2008 09:54:44 AM

One especially glaring falsehood stood out to me. An older man and a child -- isn’t that a storied tradition in the history of legal marriage? Scholars for years have thought even Joseph and Mary’s situation sounded like an older man and a 12 to 14-year-old! Because of extreme poverty, my own grandmother at age 12 was married to an old man in 1898. Further, Warren's talk of “redefining” is such a red herring, satanically so. Somebody ought to make a list of all the redefinitions that have occurred just since the middle ages. The right of the seigneur to deflower virgins on the marriage night, at other times the right of the husband to unmarry if he discovers his bride is not a virgin, the husband’s right to total control of the bride’s money and property in Victorian times and before that in English common law, the absolute right of the husband to take the children and keep her from seeing them should he divorce his wife for any reason, etc, etc. What affinity these people have for bearing false witness when it furthers their pet purposes.


12/20/2008 02:30:57 PM

i understand pator rick's point of view but, don't agree with a couple of things he said. he said he supported prop 8 because, it was a freedom of speech issue. he is trying to deflect the seriousness of the issue. he says he is opposed to redifining marriage...for instance, having a brother and sister being able to marry( i've even heard, being able to marrying a dog). i think everyone can agree marriage is confined to the same species. that arument is ludicrous. that same argument could have been made against blacks marrying whites. his views are discriminatory. some of his views are bigoted. he has no real love and understanding of the gay community, or he would ,at least, be a vocal supporter of civil unions. gay people are still people and should be afforded that basic human respect.



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