Kirk Cameron: Christian Values and "Growing Pains"

Actor Kirk Cameron talks about his work on "Growing Pains," how things changed when he became a Christian, and whether there was really hostility on the set because of his faith.


11/27/2011 05:57:36 AM

I have always Loved Kirk Cameron but not because he was cute and funny but i could see innocence underneath those blue eyes and i never knew that he didn't know the way God really is . I have gone through that when i was really young myself and i have had lots of miracles in my life to know he is there but sometimes i still need to hear it... I have always believed and i feel guilty and i get that being stubborn has something to do with that. it is nice to hear the steps of you Kirk learning the way to love Jesus and it helps me to hear it. Thank you. and you have always been the cutie so to speak not trying to be funny but someone i admired growing up.



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