Joel Osteen on Embracing Now

Where are you in this moment? Pastor and author Joel Osteen explains the concept of "embracing the place where you are": We should always be looking forward, but being at peace in the present empowers us.


05/11/2011 08:57:56 AM

oh how i look forward for Sunday evening and Monday evenings to listen to Joel. whatever he preaches about is me- i would love to contribute towards his ministries but i live in South Africa and i do not know how. thank you Joel for opening my eyes and gaining confidance, thank you


05/03/2011 11:01:07 AM

Mr. Joell Osteen, My Husband & I watch you every Sunday Morning you are very powerful meassgaer. We enjoy all of view broadcasting even you jokes & how to take the Bible and brake it down into lay men terms so we all can understand your meaasage for the week. As we get ready to go too church ourself; Your are trully Bless Man of God. I would like too thank you for beeing yourself. And thank you again for the Broadcast it means a with us!! God Bless you & Bev,family



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