Joel Osteen Interview

Steven Waldman interviews Pastor Joel Osteen about maintaining hope and faith in difficult times.


04/30/2009 05:40:42 PM

God never promised us a rose garden. I find that the more spiritual I get, the harder my life gets. I suffer from bipolar disorder, and at this point, have several stressors that could trigger my illness. Just when I thought ONE of them was resolved, like a Hydra, when I lopped off one head of evil, four more popped up. Salvation doesn't mean an easy road; but if we maintain our faith, hope and love, we WILL endure in the promises of the Lord. I maintain as upbeat an attitude as I can througout all this, feelilng I will be vindicated in the end. Thank you, Joel, for your words of encouragement during these "dark days." SuzanneWA


04/25/2009 06:57:25 PM

I believe God tells us ,that whoever is a friend of the world is the enemy of God. I have found that the older I become the less into the world,tv music,etc. I am.I am more into my bible and less into mancentered things,That doesn't mean I bury my head in the sand.If I see injustice,I address it.So by prayer and supplication I make my petitions known to God. Thank you,Denise T.



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