Deepak Chopra: We Are One Being

Is your neighbor yourself? Sitting in the airport I had a moment of recognition that because we share molecules, we are part of one consciousness. Everyone here is recycling their thoughts, emotions, and molecules with me.


10/04/2009 12:47:53 PM

I recently came to the same conclusion (through other means). After writing it down elsewhere, I began to research, if others felt the same, and found your video! I wonder how deep it goes? I was thinking since we are all made up of essentially the same tiniest part (still haven't figured out how far it breaks down, but I think even non-sentient are made of essentially the same original part) we are one being. Sometimes, it seems, many people come to the same ideas around the same time...feeding off each other and learning. I have found this to be so in many cases. It must be time for this idea to come forth and for us to see where this path will lead...


05/08/2009 06:03:45 AM

Since we are one being I will say hi and expect you will know to reply. If everyone believed and experienced that, it would solve many problems. How would you interpret the saying that 'we are all made in God's image?'



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