Deepak Chopra: Turn Back the Clock

There are 3 kinds of aging: chronological, psychological, and biological. Dr. Deepak Chopra explains their relationship and how aging can be reversed.


01/24/2009 08:30:12 PM

This is a incredible topic, I am really enlightened by this video. Thank you Deepak. I understand that our chronological age also determines our "math" what the 5 percenters would call "Mathematics". Qoute: "5 gallons of knowledge, a tank full of lessons", in other words the years spent roaming the earth adds numbers to our name and experience is key. Also if a person walks the earth with the man-child within who is fully creative, imaginative, joyful and productive, his/her beliefs/attitudes dictate that. Indeed this corrilates with our biological age wich is key and our only form of measuring our age. Peace God.



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