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Spiritual Solutions for the Workplace

So what are some of the most effective spiritual solutions for navigating through workplace woes?

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Is it OK to Share Your Faith in the Workplace?

The daily grind, the rat race, the salt mine … also known as your daily job is a mission field says author Larry Moyer in his new book Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace.

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Isha Judd


Enlightened Communication in the Workplace

Author Isha Judd shares two ways to make your office interactions more productive.

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Six Ways to Get More Respect

Strategies for greater recognition this coming year

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Working woman


12 Workplace Depression Busters

If you feel depressed at work, you have more choices than silent tears or a rash "I quit." Learn 12 tips to bring joy and purpose back to your work day.

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Office yoga


12 Yoga Poses for Your Workday

Yoga teacher Liz Owen shares 12 poses that can help you manage work stress and find peace all day long. So pack your yoga bag and head to the office!

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What I Learned from Being Laid Off

Beliefnet community members share inspirational stories on how getting laid-off or leaving a job changed their lives for the better.

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Finding God on the Job

A busy Catholic explains how to bring spirituality to your worklife (really!)--whether you're a CEO or a tollbooth operator.

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Angels in the Workplace

Choose to face obstacles with courage and help others bravely tackle their own.

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