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8 Ways Meditation Can Boost Your Creativity

Cognitive psychologists have proven that meditation can improve your creative thinking. If you’ve felt uninspired but are looking for new ways to innovate either at work or at home, here are eight ways meditation can help!

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Evolutionary Faith: Know Your Stage of Spiritual Growth

Faith is an evolution of spirit. From the tiny spark inside your soul, to full-grown devotion to God, your spirit is constantly changing and evolving. Here's a short quiz that reveals your stage of spiritual growth

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A Spiritual Way of Managing Your Time

We often forget to look at the spiritual reason, and thus the way to a solution, for things we consider practical problems. Everything is Spiritual! Recognizing this, makes for faster learning and resolutions.

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When Your Workplace is Toxic

How do you cope with a situations at work that are not healthy for you, but you can't get away?

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Forgiving the People You Work for and With

I can’t minimize the spiritual importance of your daily job. Your place of employment is really a laboratory for growth.

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Good First Impression


Find a New Job: 7 Unusual Places to Look

What if you knew how to find a new job by doing something totally contrary to everything you've learned about job hunting up to now? You'd say "sign me up!" Right? It's your lucky day. Simply read on and discover 7 unusual places to look for a job that everyone (except the happily employed) has never thought of before.

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Find Yourself, Find Your Work

Discovering your right job depends as much on what you believe inside as what others believe about you from the outside. Because we have been taught that jobs are offered to the best person based on worth, value, and credentials, we believe measuring up to what others expect will bring us success. But what if that belief is an illusion?

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Work Style Quiz: How Do You Do It?

Enjoy work more. Contrary to popular belief, money is not the most important motivator for professional success. That comes when you figure out to be more productive in your work environment. “How Do You Do It?” is a work style quiz that reveals exactly what motivates you. Apply what you learn from this insightful new quiz and you’ll be better and happier at your job.

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Prayers for Strength at Work

Having trouble at work? A quiet prayer for strength can make all the difference in a hectic day!

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21 Ways to a More Successful Career

The way to success is to take personal responsibility for your work life and your career. Personal effectiveness trainer and author, Mark Fritz, offers tips on ways to grow, learn, evolve and master your job and improve career options. These 21 tips will help you take charge of your own success and happiness at work!

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