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Pagan & Earth-Based Religions

Beliefnet's Pagan & Earth-Based religions page offers features on Wicca, witchcraft, magick, Goddess spirituality, indigenous traditions, guided Pagan meditations, teachings and articles from leading Earth-oriented teachers like Starhawk, Margot Adler, and Mara Freeman, pagan videos, and seasonal celebrations of everything from Samhain to Summer Solstice, and offers ways for Pagans to find and debate each other or ask questions about being Pagan on our Community.

Related Topics: Paganism, Earth Based, Wicca, Witch, Goddess, Pagans In The Military, Pagan, Offers Features, Pagan Videos, Spirituality, Margot Adler, Mara Freeman, Indigenous Traditions, Witchcraft, Teachers, Seasonal Celebrations


'Board' with Potter

What do Pagans and other Beliefnet members think about Potter?

Related Topics: Movie, Witchcraft, Childrens Well Being, Culture, Christian, Entertainment, Child, Members Faith, Villify Secular Traditions, Potter, Pagans


When Will Hollywood Get Witches Right?

They're still stereotyping with witch burning, ugly hags, potions, and broomsticks.

Related Topics: Power, Witch Fare, Witchcraft, Actresses Portraying Witches, Witches Dont, Witch, Entertainment, Witch Trials, Ugly Hags, Real Life Witch Lifestyle, Witch Burning


Is Wicca Under a Spell?

As publishers produce more books about casting spells, is the spiritual message of witchcraft getting lost?

Related Topics: Faiths, Book, Witchcraft, Spell Books Dont, Everyday Life, Spell, Writing Spell Books, Spell Calls, Magical Spells Functions, Spell Casters Life, Earth Based Religions, Spell Books


When Someone You Love Is Wiccan

Relax. The Pagan in your life does not worship the devil or cast evil spells. An introduction to Pagan spirituality.

Related Topics: Faiths, Earth Based Religions, Spirituality, Religion, Nature Spirituality, Pagans, Spiritual Power, Material World, Paganism, Modern Nature Religions, Traditional Masculine Image, Witchcraft


Teen Pagans

More than just a rebellious statement, paganism is a source of meaning for more and more adolescents

Related Topics: Faiths, Earth Based Religions, Teen, Religion, Teen Page, Spell, Love Spell, Adult Pagans, Wicca, So Called Earth Religions, Teen Page Essay, Witchcraft


Wicca Watch

'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' joins the rest of the gals over at the WB coven.

Related Topics: Witchcraft, Intermittent Cat Cameos, Wicca Club Meeting, Witch, Superficial Sitcom Format, Entertainment, Eccentric Witch Aunts, College Wicca Club, Sabrina Spellman, Buffy, Sisters

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