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Can Jesus save my marriage?

Yes, but it is a daily process. Be prepared to pray for your marriage and your spouse. Forces seeking to destroy your love are constantly trying to creep in, so be on your guard. Seeking Him first daily is the key.

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Man Wakes Up To Beautiful Wife


Video: Man Wakes Up from Surgery and Realizes He's Married to a Beautiful Woman

Watch this to see a sweet reminder of what falling in love all over again looks like.

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Being There

His wife is going through menopause and grieving the loss of her mother. How should he support her?

Related Topics: Physical Health, Wifes Fears, Wedding Day, Wife, Relationship, Love, Grief, Hormonal Mood Swings, Coping Strategy, Wifes Grief, Menopause, Relationship Touches


Gas Station Guardians

Working another late night, Gerald encounters a dark blue Cadillac with a nervous driver.

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Ask the Author: Islam Hot Topics

The coauthor of The Beliefnet Guide to Islam answers questions about polygamy, fasting, the 72 virgins, and more.

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A Place in Paradise

On Christmas Eve, a rich man sells his place in heaven to a poor man to make a profit. But the joke's on him...

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