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For the Strength of Youth

The LDS church could keep more of its young people if some of us adults grew up a little.

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Charlie Ward and Religious Ignorance

Though Ward was insensitive to Jews, the writer of the magazine profile displayed his own tone-deafness on matters of faith.

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Knicks Player Apologizes for Remarks About Jews

After accusing Jews of persecuting Christians, Charlie Ward was criticized by Jewish groups and the league commissioner.

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Ethan's Homemaking Night

Terribly sick at birth, my new baby was still bruised and attached to electrodes. How would my women's group react to him?

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Time To Get Relevant

For the LDS women's group, 'Homemaking Meetings' are now 'Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meetings'

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The Saturday Bakery

We made something fine out of the love we shared

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A Mormon Christmas

After I converted to Mormonism, would I have to give up beloved wintertime rituals?

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