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Faith Unmovable

Edoh’s story in the The Priest’s Son is one that must be told. It is the power of God prevailing over evil. It is faith that triumphs in the face of persecution. It is real. It is raw. You will be inspired—encouraged—uplifted.

Related Topics: Faith, Passion, Africa, Good Vs Evil, Christ, Village, Gospel, Salvation, Ministry, Inspirational Films

Dr. Halima Bashir


Halima Bashir

Tortured and raped in Darfur for saving girls' lives, this young doctor is determined to end the continuing brutality against women and children.

Related Topics: Good People Doing Good Things, Most Inspiring Person Of 2008, Darfur Sudan, Women, Village, Remote African Village, Rare University Education, Bashir, Village Culture, Home Village, Darfur, Girls, Bashirs


Death at the Door: Part 9

In part nine of this Indian tale, Savitri learns about the greediness of death and the value of impermanence.

Related Topics: Home Fire, Scarlet Fever, Woman Lied, Woman Sat, Savitri, Holistic Living, Truth, Yama Shows, Fever, Village, Death


When the Devil Comes to Town

A hotel in the small village of Viscos plays host to the most unlikely of visitors, the devil himself.

Related Topics: Entertainment, Books, Village, Stranger, Front Door, Gold Bars, Rocky Outcrop, Restaurant Serving Food, Telling Peoples Ages, Devil, Strangers Arrival, Mountain


Haji Ali's Lesson

While building schools in Pakistan, Greg Mortenson learned a lesson from an illiterate man--the wisest man he had ever known.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Village, Mortenson, Illiterate Man, Wisest Man, Education, Thirty Five Men Carrying, Conservative Mullahs Way, Greg Mortenson, Men Carrying Roof, School


Depravity in Darfur

While U.N. investigators won't call them genocide, the atrocities against innocents in Darfur are a blot on humanity's record.

Related Topics: Arab Militia, Degrading Treatment, Government Soldiers, Government Forces, Attack, Inhumane Acts, Politics, Civilian Population, Women, Village, Government, News


Replanting Trees, Rebirthing Peace

Despite fears of violence, Americans join Rabbis for Human Rights in a fight for justice--and for Judaism.

Related Topics: Faiths, Judaism, Tree, Violence, Planting Trees, Rabbis, Pine Trees, Jews, West Bank Villages, Bank Tents, Village

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