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Military Ministry


Movies to Pay Tribute to Our Military

In honor of our military veterans, here are some of the greatest films about American soldiers, sailors, and Marines. Be sure to take time thank the military and veterans in your life for all they have done to keep us safe and free!

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Musicians Who Were Soldiers

These famous musicians also served their country in the military!

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Great Americans: Little Caesars


Great Americans: Little Caesars

Little Caesars and Center for Veterans Enterprise help veterans own a franchise.

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Listening to Our Veterans

We should have eager ears, not patronizing pats, on Veterans Day

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Veterans Day Quotes

Celebrate Veterans Day 2013 with hero, soldier, courage, and Veteran's Day quotes that honor American war and military veterans.

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'Flags of Our Fathers' & the Way We War

Clint Eastwood grapples with courage and myth making in this movie about the famous WWII photo and the bloody truth behind it.

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The Angel at the Well

For millions of believers, angels are God's equivalent of sending in the Marines.

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Dimes in the Desert

Earl gave his wife Leena a special gift. She passed that gift on to her son, who served in Iraq.

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My Sister's an Angel

Two Vietnam veterans encounter a young girl who asks that they pray for her dying brother.

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