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7 Budget Friendly Vacation Ideas

Think that you can’t enjoy a little vacation on a budget? Here are seven ways you can still go on a vacation, but without the guilt of spending a ton of money.

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Off to Grandmother’s House: Holiday Packing Tips

It’s that time of year again where scheduled family visits pack your planner and so does stress. Follow these simple packing tips whether you’re flying or taking a road trip to see the grandparents.

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Family Road Trip


Top 10 Tourist Attractions Everyone Must See

Here is an array of exciting and relaxing attractions that everyone must visit.

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Family Vactioning


Have a Memorable Summer Vacation

Sometimes vacations can seem a bit overwhelming but remember that the goal is to have a fun and memorable time. Here's how to do just that.

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Top 10 Most Popular Features on Beliefnet

From quizzes on religion to Harry Potter, from features on living the Serenity Prayer and life lessons our dogs can teach us, from videos reminding us of God’s love to funny videos for an instant vacation, Beliefnet has something for everyone. Read more about our top 10 most popular features.

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Pauline Frommer's Inspiring Destinations: Guatemala


Pauline Frommer's Inspiring Destinations: Guatemala

The first in a three-part series with Frommer Travel Guides author Pauline Frommer, the beauty and culture of Guatemala takes center stage, inspiring the well-traveled writer.

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