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Seven Ways to Stay Healthy When Traveling

It is important that you take the necessary precautions to maintain your health. Whether you're traveling over night or for several days, it is important to follow these seven ways to stay healthy when traveling.

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Surviving the Smart Hotel Room

High tech hotels may send veteran travelers into a world wind of anxiety. Read Carol's latest traveling experiences, as she is introduced into pass friendly elevators and lamps that would amaze Edison.

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Six Ways to Bond With Your Kids When Traveling

Here are six ways to help create a magical getaway and strengthen your bond with your children as they become adults.

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Awesome Ideas to Add to Your Bucket List

Whether you’ve started crafting your bucket list or not, here are 10 awesome ideas to add to it, for the risk taker in you. We promise they will change your life forever.

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8 Ways to Pack a Light Suitcase

When you pack for vacation or for a business trip, pack for versatility, simplicity and ease. These eight tips will help you trim down.

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10 Beautiful Castles From Around The World

From Ireland to Germany and beyond, thousands of magical castles are spread across our planet. Check out these 10 beautiful castles from around the world.

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Do Europeans Live Better Than Americans?

Americans spend long hours working while Europeans value relaxation and time to decompress. Do Europeans enjoy a higher quality of life than Americans?

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Sacred Sites That Will Take Your Breath Away

These sacred sites around the world will take your breath away.

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Road Trip Games


10 Reasons to Take Your Family on a Summer Road Trip

Follow this top 10 list of reasons to take your family on a road trip this summer.

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Norfolk: A Small City with a Big Presence

Are you ready for a little action or a getaway? Maybe you’re thinking of taking a trip to New York City or Los Angeles. Then again, maybe you need a more intimate environment without the heaping crowds. If so, maybe Norfolk, Virginia should be on the radar this summer.

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