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Date Night with God

A healthy marriage is sustained by consistency but consistency isn’t always easy with life’s day-to-day demands. One thing couples can do to practice consistency is by implementing a date night. One of the best ways we can teach children the importance of family and relationships is by demonstrating dedication to one another. A date night helps make that into a habit.

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Worrying About Time

Author Marney Makridakis discusses the implications that time has on everyone's life.

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How to Live an Awesome Life


Inspiring Quotes on Having Patience

It has been said, "Patience is a virtue" and "good things come to those who wait." When we learn to accept what is, and embrace life in each present moment, our impatience often falls away. These beautiful quotes will inspire you to have more patience in life.

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21 Simple Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

In this crazy world of high tech and high anxiety it is important to realize the power of choosing a gentler pace. Christine Louise Hohlbaum, author of "The Power of Slow," tells us how to keep distractions at bay, and develop a positive relationship with time. Here are 21 simple tips for using the hours in each day in a new, more enjoyable way.

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