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Mitt Romney’s Options: An Evangelical View

Author and New Testament scholar Ben Witherington III explains how Mitt Romney's 'Mormon speech' could connect with evangelicals

Related Topics: Faiths, Role Faith, Lost Tribes, Latter Day Saints, Essential Doctrines, Theology, Ethical Issues, Speech, Theological, Essential Things, Evangelical, Romney


'The Pursuit of Happyness'

Winner! People's Award for Best Spiritual Film of 2006

Related Topics: Film, Single Person, Wouldnt Stop Talking, Nativity Story, Spiritual, Theological, Entertainment, Story, Spiritual Path, Fathers Charisma, Fathers


Don't Put Limbo in Limbo

Ruling that all unbaptized babies are automatically saved sounds merciful, but is at odds with the Church's stance on salvation.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Theological, Salvation, Beatific Vision, Sin, Sacramental Baptism, Baptism, Unbaptized Infants, Unbaptized Children, Extraordinary Means, Child


Difficult Characters

In an excerpt from 'Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine,' the literary critic explores his difficulties with the title characters

Related Topics: Yahweh, Editorial Team, Books, Character, Title Characters, Stern Imp, God, Loses Interest, Anne Rices Jesus Christ, Theological, Oral Tradition, Entertainment


The Patron Saint of Labor Day

Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer believed that work was love in action.

Related Topics: Theologian, Day Commemoration Falls, Practice, Medical Studies Leading, Study, Lifes Calling, Theology, Brilliant Young Theologian, Theological, Death Day Commemoration


'If Christianity Is True, People I Love Will Burn in Hell'

A pastor struggles to answer his daughter's question about the fate of those who don't accept Jesus.

Related Topics: Couldnt Sleep, Christians, Books, Theology, Hell, Theological Circles, Exclusivism, Secret Inclusivist Leanings, Theological, Entertainment, Question, Eternal Conscious Torment


Orthodoxy: Unbruised by the Culture Wars

Why aren't Orthodox Christians fighting over gay marriage, women priests, and more? Because we accept the wisdom of the past.

Related Topics: Faiths, Orthodox Christian, Orthodoxy, Faith, Gay Marriage, Womens Ordination, Orthodox, Questions Causing Turmoil, Contemporary American Furor, Hierarchy Doesnt, Theological, Garden Variety Power Struggles

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