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The Case Against Torture Tactics

In the war against terror, evil never plays fair. But we should hold to a higher standard then our enemies: We should not use torture techniques against suspected terrorists and detainees.

Related Topics: Islam, Terrorism, Terrorists, Bush Administration, Obama, Torture


MIPY 2008: Dr. Halima Bashir

In this exclusive Beliefnet interview, Sudanese doctor Halima Bashir tells how she was brutally punished for helping girls who had been tortured by government-backed terrorists in Darfur. She is a hero for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Related Topics: Exclusive, Dr. Halima Bashir, Terrorists, Government Backed, Most Inspiring Person Of 2008 Nominee, Helping, Darfur, Helping Girls, Sudan, Government Backed Terrorists, Halima Bashir, Girls, Doctor


Why Islam is Winning

Though the West isn't paying attention, Muslim leaders continue to separate Islam from terrorism. Maybe it's time to wake up.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Terrorism, Harm Suicide Terrorism, Muslims, Terrorists, Sacred Religious Garbs, Extremist, Glamorizes Terrorism, Extremist Leaders, Right Winged Pundits Trot


What Jewish Priorities Should Be

I disagree with Bush's domestic policies, but his support for Israel & his commitment to fighting terror trump other issues.

Related Topics: Terrorists, Presidential Candidates, Terrorism, Public Office, Single Domestic Issue, Politics, Special Relationship, Jews, Candidate, Speech, News, International Terrorism Trumps


The Rules Have Changed on Racial Profiling

I'm an obvious and admitted hard-liner on this issue: the time for politically-correct, feel-good 'solutions' is past

Related Topics: Terrorists, Government Officials, Feel Good Solutions, Nation, Nations History, Admitted Hard Liner, Politically Correct, Law Enforcement Officials, Government, News, Defending American Citizens


''Admit It, You Are a Jewish Spy''

The author, American press attaché when the U.S. embassy in Iran was seized, had ten seconds to respond.

Related Topics: Faiths, Judaism, Jewish, Terrorists, Iranian Press, American Press, Hostage, Sadistic Young Men, Holding Automatic Weapons, Jew, American Hostages, Iranian Press Corps


The Evildoers And The Misled

'Evil' automatically morphs into 'misled' when pronounced with an American accent

Related Topics: News, Evil, American Accent, Terrorists Responsible, Terrorists, Germ Weapons Program, President, Press Conference, Anthrax Attacks, Attack, Sweet Kid End


Where Are the Terrorists Now?

A Buddhist view of what the 9/11 terrorists might have encountered after death.

Related Topics: Faiths, Buddhism, Terrorists, Anger, Human Beings, Innocent People, Compassion, Terrorists Minds Work, Gehlek, Human Thing, Rimpoche Nawang Gehlek, Reincarnation

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