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Robertson Boys


Duck Dynasty Stars Without Their Beards

Check out these old Robertson family photos and see if you can recognize the brothers from the days before their signature facial hair!

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TV Ratings for Busy Parents

What you don’t know about your kids’ TV shows could be hazardous to your family’s well-being, says family writer Mike Nappa

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Oscar Nominations: Biggest Surprises and Closest Races

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominations for the 84th Oscar Awards yesterday. The Award ceremony will be aired in February.

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Changing Channels: Best of 2011

Matt Aug is a blogger for Beliefnet, and writes about pop culture on television - that our readers can relate to. Changing Channels is his insight into today's television programming.

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Best TV Finales

In honor of the end of ABC's Desperate Housewives, we look at some of the best series finales of all time! Spoilers ahead!!

Related Topics: Television, Series Finale, Friends, MASH, Firefly, Newhart

Duck Dynasty Family Thumbnail


Meet the Robertsons

You’ve heard all about the wonderful values and terrific Christian message of A&E’s biggest hit of all time, Duck Dynasty. For those of you just catching on to the craze, it can be pretty easy to get all of the bearded characters mixed up. Here’s some basic information about the major Robertson characters to help you get to know America’s new favorite family.

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Golden Girls


Friends til the End

Remember 'TGIF'? Did you ever rush home for 'Must-See TV', maybe for Friends or Cheers, with the family all gathering around the TV to watch their favorite show over the years? We 'grew up' with the characters, and got to know them over time.

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Great Character Transformations

Everybody loves a character they can root for, but sometimes wanting to side with a great film or television character can take some time. Here are five characters that we as an audience have grown to appreciate throughout their stories. Warning: Spoilers!

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Condoleeza Rice


7 African American Firsts: Black Men and Women who Broke Barriers

From Hollywood to the White House, here is a short list of Black men and women who blazed a trail.

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Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertston Speaks About his Faith


Video: Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Speaks About his Faith

Watch the TV star talk to students about faith at the Harding University chapel.

Related Topics: Entertainment, Faith, Television, Speech

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