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What Do Today’s Teens Think About Jesus?

A pollster recently asked teenagers who consider themselves Christians what they think about Jesus. His findings are troubling.

Related Topics: Christian, Love And Family, Faith, Love, Good News, Jesus, Teen, Survey


Beliefnet Poll: Catholics Observant, But Some Seek Change

Catholics participating in a Beliefnet survey say they attend Mass, pray often, but disagree with the Church on some key issues.

Related Topics: Faiths, Death Penalty, Sexual Abuse Crisis, Church, Personal Religious Practice, Women, Artificial Contraception, Survey Respondents, Catholic, Pope Benedict XVI, Respondents, Survey


Religion and Politics: Your Views

What do you think about the mix of religion and politics in this year's election?

Related Topics: News, Politics, Presidential Race Picks, Politics Survey, Religion, Faith And Politics Action, Beliefnet, American Politics, Religious Rhetoric, Faith And Politics, Survey


Talking to the Dead

Can the living and the dead communicate, or is any attempt to do so 'the devil in disguise'?

Related Topics: Faiths, Spirit World, Spirit Guides, Survey Results, Familiar Spirit, Women, Spirit, Interest, Theyre Willing, Survey, Living


Survey: God Didn't Send
the Hurricanes

God didn't cause the hurricanes, and even our prayers couldn't stop it. Surprising findings from a new Beliefnet survey.

Related Topics: Faiths, Gods, Gods Role, Exercises Caution, God Controls, God, Survey Respondents, Natural Disasters, Role, Survey


What Do You Pray For?

Please take a few minutes to tell us about your prayer life

Related Topics: Faiths, Results, Print Magazine, Life, Magazine, Tools, Beliefnet And Us News, Question, Survey, Prayer Life


Survey: 17% of Americans Hold 'Hardcore' Anti-Semitic Views

35% have some prejudice against Jews; ADL says survey shows a reversal in the ten-year decline in anti-Semitism.

Related Topics: Anti Defamation League, Anti Semitic, Americans, Survey Didnt, Percentage Points, Terrorist Attacks, Surveys Findings, Jews, Governments Support, Survey, News

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