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'The Afterlife'

In this poem about the Great Beyond, 'everyone is right, as it turns out.'

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Desperate for Ramadan

This year, I'm seeking refuge from the fear and rage of Sept. 11

Related Topics: Faiths, Height, Muslim, Src, Table Width, Sensational Segment Lead Ins, Islam, Ramadan, Fleeting Hopeful Moments, Width, Starving Afghan Refugees, Fasting Tips


'Something major is happening'

Are we witnessing the beginnings of an Islamic Reformation?

Related Topics: Faiths, Muslims, Height, Reformist Islam, Src, Table Width, Reform Movement, Islam, Terrorist Attacks, Gender Equality, Width


The Ninth Level of Tzedakah

Rejecting the tax rebate is a way to follow one of Judaism's central commandments.

Related Topics: Faiths, Height, Src, Tax Rebate Money, Judaism, Tax, Rebate, Tax Rebate, Width, Tax Cut, Tax Rebates, National Tithe


Catholic Law Tested Amid Questions Over 'Confession' in New York Murder Case

To what extent are discussions with pastors confidential? And what exactly constitutes a Catholic confession?

Related Topics: Faiths, Height, Confession, Src, Table Width, Mental Health Professional, Width, Sacramental Confession, Priest, Sermon Topics, Peoples Secrets


Next-Door Neighbors: Muslims and Methodists

When a church and a mosque were both looking for land, they decided to share, in another sign of America's growing pluralism.

Related Topics: Faiths, Muslims, Height, Src, Table Width, City Hall, Methodists, Planning Department, Width, Building Committee, Community


The New Neighbors

Will Americans embrace gurdwaras and mosques in the suburbs?

Related Topics: Faiths, Height, Urban Areas, Src, Table Width, Religious, Religious Traditions, Landmark Religious Institutions, Width, Minority Religious Communities, Community


Mommy, What Happens if There's a War?

It is a question much discussed in Israel these days, but for me, leaving the Jewish State in tough times is unthinkable.

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