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21 Ways to Make Meaningful Connections

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. Find more support from acquaintances in everyday life and feel more connected. Melinda Blau, author of "Consequential Strangers," tells you how to open new doors by connecting more deeply with the people in your world.

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Most Influential Black Spiritual Leaders 2007

Whether inspiring their congregations to stand up against social injustice or urging a focus on God-centered family values, African-American religious leaders are a crucial component of a rich and diverse spiritual landscape. In honor of Black History Month, Beliefnet has compiled a list of some of the nation’s most influential African-American spiritual leaders. While by no means comprehensive, the list includes some of today’s most prominent--and controversial--spiritual figures, some up-and-coming figures of note, and several individuals whose lifelong efforts have earned them a place in history.

Related Topics: Role Model, Spiritual, Leader, Religious Leaders, Affordable Housing, Women, Spiritual Values, Spiritual Leaders, Social


In God--or the Self--We Trust

Despite a long-standing courtship, the relationship between psychotherapy and religion remains strained

Related Topics: Clinical Psychology, Social Workers, Psychology, Religion, Therapy, Therapist, Social, Journal Article, Marital Therapy, Mental Health


Can God Heal Your Body Image?

In his healings, Jesus was highly conscious of people's bodies. Women can find peace with their body struggles through Jesus.

Related Topics: Unclean Blood Discharge, Weight Loss, Gender Power Balancejesus, God, Peace, Social, Alabaster Jar, Spiritual Search, Body, Conversation, Jesus


Evangelicals Vs. the System

New studies say the mental health system discriminates against evangelical Christians and other devout clients

Related Topics: News, Social, Evangelical, Social Workers, Worker, Complementary Gender Roles, Family, Clients Faith, Faith, Sexual Satisfaction, Faith Traditions


Muslims Contemplate Changes After Attacks

Arab intellectuals say Muslim world must critique itself to defend Islam

Related Topics: Arab, Attacks, Culture, Terror Attacks, Arab Intellectuals, Satellite Television Station, Social, Culture Diversity, Countries, Arab Countries, News


NAE Backs Fed Funding for `Charitable Choice' Programs

Influential umbrella agency says Constitutional requirements are met if all social service providers are treated equally.

Related Topics: Faiths, Resolution, Charitable Choice, Organization, Charitable Choice Legislation, Social Service Providers, Evangelical Umbrella Organization, Social, Government, Funding, Government Funding

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