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So, you quit smoking! Congrats! ... Now what?

You've done it! You've quit smoking! You've got one heckuva story about what it took to kick the habit. Heroin addicts have nothing on you – you’ve been through worse! But now, after years of trying patches, cold-turkey, classes, guilt and shame … YOU'VE DONE IT! Now what?

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How to Face Your Fears


12 Ways to Release Stress

Feeling Stressed? Here are 12 quotes that inspire, motivate and provide a “call to action.”

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10 Ways to Beat Anxiety

Read about 1o ways that could help you soothe symptons of anxiety in your life.

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Freedom from Smoking

Freedom can be yours--freedom from smoking that is. When you're ready to take the next steps toward cutting the ties to smoking and moving into a healthier life, turn to these resources for guidance, support and information. You'll find the inspiration you need to stay the course.

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21 Ways to Give Up a Bad Habit

There is room in all of our lives to say goodbye to a limiting habit and adopt a new and healthier one. It takes consistency, realism, support, and a willingness to discover the underlying issues. These 21 tips will help you reinvent your life and create new habits that will last.

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10 Reasons I Quit Smoking

If health concerns alone haven't helped you stop smoking, get inspired to quit with these reasons from emotional health author--and former smoker--Therese Borchard.

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Your Top 10 Tips for Quitting Smoking


Your Top 10 Tips for Quitting Smoking

Members of Beliefnet's Fresh Air quitting smoking support group trade the best tips for how to quit. Read their advice and share your own.

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