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Deepak Chopra: Are Sexual and Spiritual Energy the Same?


Deepak Chopra: Are Sexual and Spiritual Energy the Same?

Tantra believes sexual and spiritual energy are the same because they’re the universe’s creative energy. They can be used for passionate lovemaking or art, poetry, music, and be channeled for transformation and manifestation.

Related Topics: Deepak Chopra, Transform, Hindu, Spiritual, Family, Manifest, Consciousness, Sexual, Holistic, Faiths, Hinduism


Do Gay Men Make Better Monks?

For some Trappist brothers, sexual identity is not a stumbling block.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Gay, Monastery, Monk, Sexual Liberation, Sexual Expression, Sexual, Gay Men, Gay Liberation Movements, Life, Monasterys Gay History


Shouldn't Sexual Sinners at Least Have Safe Sex?

When promiscuous people ignore Catholic teaching, and are at risk from HIV, should they use condoms to prevent infection?

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Condom, Act, Contraceptive Choice, Contraception, Sexual Behavior, Promiscuous People, Sexual Intercourse, Sexual, Sexual Acts, Procreation Impossible


John Paul II's Mixed Legacy

John Paul II was a brave, holy man. But his authoritarian style--especially on sexual doctrines--polarized the Church.

Related Topics: Faiths, Catholic, Church, Lower Clergy, Clergy, Conservative American, John Paul, Holy Man, Laity, Influential Religious Leaders, Sexual Abuse Crisis, Sexual


Telling Lies with the Body

Expert Christopher West explains Pope John Paul II's 'Theology of the Body,' a reflection on sexual love.

Related Topics: Faiths, Sex, Sexual Love, Love, Marital Love, Male Lust, Theology, Eternal Plan, Body, Catholic, Sexual, Universal Questions


The Elastic Bed Syndrome

Pornography creates the false sense that the marital bed has room for a destructive fantasy.

Related Topics: Love Family, Relationships, Marriage, Pornography, Sexual Passions, Sexual Partner, Sexual, Softcore Pornography, Exact Opposite, Inoffensive Situation Comedies, Spouse, Partners Sexuality


What Has Changed

A conservative Episcopalian says the election of Gene Robinson has refocused her allegiance to a worldwide church

Related Topics: Physical, Sexual Brokenness, American Bishops, Church, Home Congregation, Generation Dies, Home Parish, Bishop, Marriage, Sexual, News


Was Sodom into Sodomy?

What the Bible says about sodomy, homosexuality and sin

Related Topics: News, Sin, Behavior, Homosexual Behavior, Sexual Activity, Sexual Sharing, Homosexual, Sexual Sin, Sexual, Creation Order, Adult Homosexual Behavior


Religious Views of Sodomy

A look at how world religions view non-procreative sexual acts.

Related Topics: Sex, Oral Sex, Heterosexual Couples, Sexual Practices, Sexual Acts, Homosexuality, Sexual, Anal Sex, Sodomy, News, Sodomy Laws

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