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A Do-It-Yourself Passover in 8 Easy Steps!

You can have a traditional “seder” meal at home. Whether it’s the White House or your home, every family can create their own special tradition celebrating God’s goodness to His people

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Passover 2011

The Beliefnet Guide to Pesach (Passover) features Passover videos, Passover recipes, personal Passover stories, unique Passover traditions, and more. Passover begins sundown Monday, the 18th of April.

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10 Steps to Bring Order to Your Life

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield on how the steps that make up the traditional Passover seder, can be used to bring order into your own life year round.

Related Topics: Judaism, Jewish Holidays, Passover, Matzah, Exodus, Exodus Story, Seder, Seder Table, Haggadah



Unique Passover Traditions

A collection of some of the lesser-known Passover seder traditions from around the world.

Related Topics: Judaism, Jewish Holidays, Passover, Matzah, Exodus, Exodus Story, Seder, Seder Table, Haggadah


Teaching Tales: Elijah's Favorite Seder

A Jewish tale about where the true meaning of Passover is found.

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The Courage to Be Free

Let's make the Passover seder a time to truly listen to the stories of our Jewish journeys across the generations.

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The Seder That Wasn't

Jesus' Last Supper as recorded in the New Testament was not a seder as Jews know it today. So do interfaith seders make sense?

Related Topics: Faiths, Seder, Blood, Religion Etiquette Question, Seder Table, Christians, Jews, Dinner Table, Passover, Disciples Feet, Lamb


Seder Plates Tie Past and Present

To many Jewish families, seder plates are more than ceremonial objects. They now allow for artistic and ritualistic innovations.

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Four New Questions for Passover

Did the Exodus really happen? That and other questions deserve our attention this Passover.

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Creating an American Seder

July 4 should be considered an American holy day, complete with religious rites and rituals.

Related Topics: Faiths, Holy Day, Spiritual Foundations, Moral Obligation, Songs, Patriotism, Faithful Worship, Seder, Story, Sacrament Meetings, Haggadah

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