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Back-to-School Movies

As you get your school supplies ready and finish up those last assignments on the summer reading list, see if you can answer these questions about movies set in school.

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Thank a Teacher


Video: Thank a Teacher

As school starts up again, let’s take the time to appreciate all of the wonderful teachers we’ve had.

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Kindergarteners Explain School


Video: Kindergartners Explain Their First Day of School

Watch these adorable kids talk about their first day of Kindergarten!

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A Prayer for Children Going to School


A Prayer for Children Going to School

A new school year, a new beginning. Whether our children are just starting kindergarten, entering high school, or leaving the nest for college, our hearts and hopes go with them.

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family at sunset


6 Ways To Be A Good School Parent

Sometimes in order to be a good parent, you have to take a step back.

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Two best friends comforting each other


The Effects of Bullying

You can take a stand against bullying in schools by knowing the signs, the effects and the steps to take that keep kids safe.

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Give Education


Give Education

Food for the Hungry is a non-profit charity organization that reaches people around the world who are stricken with poverty and they give them new hope through creating employment for their community.

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Father and son heart-to-heart talk


How to Calm Your Child's Fears of School

Dr. Michele Borba offers advice to parents that have kids that are headed back to school.

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Help Your Child Learn the Love of Reading

Check out how you can help your child gain confidence when it comes to reading!

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Regent University Films: Double Minded

Face to face with her deepest fears, Marianne must choose whether to stand or remain crippled by the past.

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