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Woman running uphill


Five Life Lessons Running Taught Me

In honor of everyone who laces up, I wrote an ode to running and how 13.1 miles can change a life.

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Run For Your Health Cover Photo


Run for Your Health

If you want to become a runner, here are seven tips to help you run for a healthier and more confident you.

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Terry Hitchcock


My Run: Terry Hitchcock and the Faith to Endure

Get to know the man who set out on the impossible journey of running 75 marathons in 75 days and the movie about his courageous spirit.

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Woman's legs running on the beach.


6 Reasons Why Running Keeps You Happy and Healthy

From your physical health to your sanity, there’s nothing that a good jog can’t improve.

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Odyssey Networks: Beach Running Before Sunrise


Odyssey Networks: Beach Running Before Sunrise

How do you greet each new day? This woman starts each day by running on the beach before sunrise and creating artwork on the sand with her sneakers.

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Odyssey Networks: Stairway to a Positive Spirit


Odyssey Networks: Stairway to a Positive Spirit

Is nature a spiritual home for you? Climbing stairs to a vibrant, wild garden or running downhill, one woman discovers how to love herself and lift her spirits on a daily hike.

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