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10 Realistic Resolutions Everyone Should Have

Sure it would be great to lose 30 pounds or to quit smoking but you have to set yourself up for success - start with smaller goals before you tackle bigger ones. Here are ten realistic resolutions that everyone can achieve and see the benefits relatively quickly.

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10 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

What are your goals for next year? Here’s how you can achieve -- and maintain -- your resolutions for the New Year.

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Make the Most Out of Life

Don't let another year go by and wonder where the time went. Here are ways to make the most out of each month this year.

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5 Ways to Make Your Resolutions Stick

Learn how to keep your goals!

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New Year

Celebrate New Year 2012 by following tips on how to make New Year resolutions and wishes, sending New Year eCards and greetings, reading New Year prayers and messages, and more.

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21 Ways to Make Simple New Years Resolutions

Life coach Janice Taylor shares tips for how to start fresh, set goals, and achieve your dreams with simple New Year's resolutions.

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10 Ways to Grow


Green Your Resolutions

As the New Year begins, there has never been a more important time to focus on the planet's well-being. And going green is easier than ever. These 10 simple steps will allow you to respect the earth while living a happy life.

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Climb High, But Watch Where You Step

This Capricorn Moon cycle favors the process of regaining your balance, not just a one-time declaration.

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