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Watch Trailer: 'Blessed Is the Match'

The new documentary "Blessed Is the Match" tells the true story of Hannah Senesh, a Jewish woman who became a resistance fighter and paratrooper during World War II and helped save many lives.

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Death of the `Slaughtering Sheikh'

Iraqi Muslims can celebrate the demise of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, but whether his absence spells less violence remains to be seen.

Related Topics: Faiths, Homegrown Resistance, Al Zarqawis Death, Islam, Resistance, Resistance Movement, Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, Civil War, War, Death, Government


Eckhart Tolle: The Shift From No to Yes

What can we do when we feel resistant to accepting what is? Eckhart Tolle shares his insights.

Related Topics: Shift, Book, Spiritual Awakening, Resistance, Spiritual Teacher, Research, Holistic Living, Spiritual, Eckhart Tolle, Spiritual Practice, Research Scholar


The Lonely Resister: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Protestant Martyr

A Lutheran pastor and pacifist, Bonhoeffer joined an ill-fated plot to assassinate Hitler. He was later killed in Nazi camp.

Related Topics: Faiths, Protestant, Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lonely Resister, Resistance, Keynote Address, Suffering, Responsible Action, Human Order, Political, Triumphalist Motive


The Tao of Taurus

As the full moon shifts from volatile Scorpio to calm Taurus, sit back and remember 'life is to be enjoyed.'

Related Topics: Presidents Approval Rating, Saturn, Money Situation, Astrology Features, Resistance, Holistic Living, Astrology, Fear, Senior Staff Member, Taurus, Fire Burns, Scorpio


What Joseph Ratzinger Did During the War

Like many teenagers in wartime Germany, Ratzinger was involved in the Hitler Youth--but Jewish leaders aren't worried.

Related Topics: Faiths, Nazism, Joseph Ratzinger Did, Ratzinger, German Army, Jews, Interreligious Affairs Advisor, Resistance, Leaders Arent, Ratzingers, Over Populated Lunatic Asylum


To Be Muslim, Western, and Modern

'This is a serious attack on academic freedom,' says the controversial Swiss scholar.

Related Topics: Faiths, Islam, Resistance, Religious Leaders, Non Violent Resistance, Respective Traditions, Violence, Universal Principles, Terrorist Acts, Muslim, Mutual Respect

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