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10 Steps to Eliminating Resentment in Your Day

Here are 10 steps to help control the downward spiral of resentment.

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Transform Your World

If we wish to live without resentments that linger in our hearts and rid ourselves of fear with all of its debilitating limitations, we must shed the skin of our selfishness. Here are four ways to teach the truths that transform the world we live in, even as we ourselves are transformed by our own actions.

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Healing Depression Without Medication

Tara Springett discusses how to get over grudges that are causing depression.

Related Topics: Depression, Depression Advice, Depression Help, Emotional Well Being, Emotional Health, Love Yourself, Resentment


Your Best Advice On Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a key part of our emotional and spiritual evolution. Holding onto grudge is bound to hurt the one who is holding on to it. We asked our readers: "What is the best advice anyone every gave you about forgiveness?" Most agreed that forgiving is the path to better health and peace of mind and heart.

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Forgiveness Affirmations to Heal Your Life

The Law of Forgiveness is a dynamic universal principle that can change our lives. When we are willing to forgive we can unleash an amazing power, a flood of energy that can heal. Connie Domino, author of The Law of Forgiveness, will help you open to forgiveness through forgiveness affirmations and understanding meant to heal ourselves and others.

Related Topics: Forgiven, Forgive Yourself, Love And Family, Resentment, Forgiveness Prayers

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