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How to Cure 'Destructive Emotions'

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman finds in Buddhism a possible cure-all for anger, depression, and more.

Related Topics: Practice, Positive Emotions, Research, Emotional State, Psychology, Brain, Emotional Health, Destructive Emotions, Emotion, Interesting Presentations

Armie Hammer as Billy Graham in Billy: The Early Years


Recreating Billy Graham

Actor Armie Hammer talks about portraying the most famous evangelist in modern history in the new movie "Billy: The Early Years."

Related Topics: Personality, Movie, Movie, Billy Graham, Billy Grahams, Christian, Famous Evangelist, Modern History, Wannabe Movie Stars, Research, Celebrity Interview, Entertainment, Celebrity, Religious Scenes, Christian Film, Billy The Early Years, Actor, Scene

Dave Iverson: Have You Ever Seen a Stem Cell?


Dave Iverson: Have You Ever Seen a Stem Cell?

Dave Iverson tours a Harvard University lab to learn what embryonic stem cells actually look like, as part of his quest to understand Parkinson's Disease.

Related Topics: Frontline, Stem Cells, Dave Iverson, Harvard, Research


Must-Believe TV

Religion and faith are the bywords for The CW's new fall line-up, which includes two new shows hip to the idea of 'belief.'

Related Topics: Exchange Student, Stufffor Executive Producer, Television Preview Coverage, Show, Creatorexecutive Producer, Research, Character, Entertainment, Aliens, Reaper, Bounty Hunter Duties


Meeting Athena

In the excerpt from Paulo Coelho's new book, we meet an exotic and exasperating young 'witch.'

Related Topics: Traffic Problems, Biography, Peoples Despair, Government Official, Love, Place, Research, Holistic Living, Peoples Eyes, Mdash, Journalist Colleagues


Discovering Your Strengths

Maggie had to be the strong one when her family was imperiled. Coaching helped her access her inner resources.

Related Topics: Things Safe, Mind, Life, Marketing Company, Mother, Research, Started Chemotherapy Treatments, Parents, Joshs, Maggie


Debunking 'The God Delusion,' Part 1

In this six-part series, Deepak Chopra exposes what he considers the illusion of Richard Dawkins' book 'The God Delusion.'

Related Topics: Science, Mind, Extreme Religious Fanatics, Research, Holistic Living, Dawkins, God, Brain, Brain Research, Subjective States Leave, Six Part Series

Martha Beck


The Fertile Void

Are you unhappy with your situation, but don't know what you want to do next? Allow yourself to stand on the threshold and realize that this is the place of new beginnings.

Related Topics: Martha Beck, Expecting, Everyday Magic, Times Bestselling Author, Taught Career Development, Research, Holistic Living, Corporations, Holistic Lifestyle, Vision, Development


Britain May Soon Approve Human Cloning

A panel of experts has ruled that the benefits of human embryo cloning outweigh the ethical problems.

Related Topics: Ethical Problems, Human Embryos, Embryo Cloning, Governments Chief, British Government Approval, Research, Embryo, Human Embryo Cloning, Carbon Copy, Government, News

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