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Great Americans: Out Of Control Fire


Great Americans: Out Of Control Fire

During a controlled burn scenario to train firefighters, the siuation goes south quickly as participants learn that gasoline has been used as a accelerant to enhance the blaze. Add to the mix two trapped firefighters, their rescuer, and a pumper which won't go into gear and you've got a mess.

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Great Americans: Into the Fire Amazing Rescue SF Earthquake


Great Americans: Into the Fire Amazing Rescue SF Earthquake

Into The Fire - Amazing Rescue From SF Earthquake Firefighter Gerry Shannon tells his courageous story about when he rescued a woman trapped under a collapsed 4 story building during the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake.

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Things We Lost in the Fire, Halle Berry


Learning to Let Go

Beliefnet members talk about what they are trying to let go of in their lives. We all struggle with the act of letting go--whether it's physically letting go of material goods, emotionally detaching from an old love, or spiritually freeing yourself to the possibilities of a higher being.

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The Ocala Ordeal

My grandsons were missing in a national forest. 'God, send your angels...' I prayed.

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'What Took You So Long?'

Why the miners' rescue is a rescue for all of us.

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'Son, You Were Saved by Two Angels'

Trapped under the car during a frightening accident, a man is miraculously rescued.

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