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7 Ways for Men to Handle a Breakup Responsibly

Generally speaking, guys tend to avoid confronting emotions head on. While this may seem effective short-term, it can lead to some pretty poor coping decisions. Here are 7 responsible ways to help find peace after experiencing heartbreak.

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10 Ways To Fight For Your Marriage

Practice these prevention tips to keep the love alive in your marriage.

Related Topics: Love And Family, Relationships, Marriage, Marriage Advice, Christian

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Should Christians Use Technology for Dating?

In addition to all of the popular dating websites, new smart phone apps are constantly being introduced that promise to revolutionize the dating experience. How should Christians looking for love respond to and use these new advances while still holding true to their principles?

Related Topics: Christian, Dating, Relationships, Social Media

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Do You Ever Really Get Over being Cheated on?

Do you ever get over being cheated on?

Related Topics: Relationships, Cheated, God, Jesus, Apron Strings

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Think Like Einstein and Attract New Love

Love issues? There are three easy ways to stop the insanity and find renewed faith in lasting love.

Related Topics: Love And Family, Relationships, Relationship Advice



10 Reasons To Reconsider Divorce

If you’re thinking your marital union is crumbling and that you would be much better off divorced – keep reading to see if your marriage is still worth fighting for.

Related Topics: Marriage Advice, Love And Family, Relationships, Divorce Cases, Christian Marriage, Christian



I've Married a Non-Believer. Now What?

Are you in a committed relationship with a non-believer and wondering if your relationship is doomed for failure? Here are some helpful tips we promise won’t disappoint.

Related Topics: Marriage, Relationships, Commitment, Christians, Christian Relationships, Love And Family, Challenge, Faith, Pray, Christ, God



Date Night with God

A healthy marriage is sustained by consistency but consistency isn’t always easy with life’s day-to-day demands. One thing couples can do to practice consistency is by implementing a date night. One of the best ways we can teach children the importance of family and relationships is by demonstrating dedication to one another. A date night helps make that into a habit.

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9 Christian Ways to Impress a Woman

Looking to find love? Here are 9 great bible verses to help you find the woman of your dreams!

Related Topics: Relationships, Dating, Romance

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You Might Be Dating a Christian If

Think you’re dating a Christian? Here are a few signs that you are.

Related Topics: Dating, Christian, Christian Dating, Love And Family, Relationships, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Love, Romance, Happiness

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