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Family Hands on Bible


Gems of the Qur'an: True Piety

Dr. Hesham Hassaballa, a Beliefnet blogger, discusses what true piety is through his reading of the Qur'an.

Related Topics: Islam, Quran, Ramadan, Faiths And Prayer


The Problem of Reading the Qur'an

Dr. Carl W. Ernst examines the Qur'an and the unique challenges that come with studying such an ancient and important book.

Related Topics: Quran, Muslim, Islam

Muslim Family


21 Ways to Be a Better Muslim

How can you be a better Muslim? Follow these practical tips, from advice on prayer to reading the Quran, to improving your family life.

Related Topics: Muslim, Islam, Mecca, Quran


Daily Qur'an Reading

Get your daily dose of Qur'an with a new passage from the Qu'ran (or Koran) every day. Check out Islamic features and community content.

Related Topics: Islam, Community Content, Quran, Dose


When Every Word Counts

A new translation of the Qur'an tries to rectify past mistakes, which is so vital to promoting intra-Muslim dialogue.

Related Topics: Faiths, Muslims, Native Arabic Speakers, English Translations, Islam, Explanatory Footnotes, The Sublime Quran, Text, Arabic Text, Quran, Language, Translation


Keith Ellison: A Qur'anic Oath?

Keith Ellison, the first Muslim senator, plans to be sworn in on the Qur'an. So why are some pundits in an uproar?

Related Topics: Faiths, Action Alert, Prayer Books, Destructive Impact Hatred, Book, Islam, Bible, Female Governor, Quran, Groups President, Oath, Holy Books


How Autism Reinvigorated My Muslim Faith

My son's autism first led me to lose my faith, then inspired me to let Allah help me so I could help my son.

Related Topics: Islam, Faiths, Fasting, Quran, Autism, Therapy, Autistic Children, Allah, Special Instructions Therapy, Behavioral Development Pediatricians, Wrenching Diagnosis Story, Faith, Receiving Speech Therapy, Life


Converts from Islam: Let God Be the Judge

The Qur'an is very clear on this: There's no compulsion in religion. So why is an Afghan Christian convert being persecuted?

Related Topics: Faiths, Right Path, Death Penalty, Single Community, Islam, Scriptural Basis, Apostate, God, Quran, Reason War, Faith

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