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Cute Quotes

Cute quotes are fun to read and inspirational too! Here's 12 adorable quotes on cute to make you smile and brighten your day.

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Peeking Through


13 Weird & Wonderful Thoughts About God

Get ready for 13 weird & wonderful thoughts about God. You'll love this gallery of thoughts about God that every one of us has, but doesn't know it.

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Looking on the Bright Side - Quotes to Stay Positive

Here are ten inspirational quotes to help you stay positive and carry you on to your good day.

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Abraham Lincoln


Quotes by Abraham Lincoln

You can tell a lot about a man by what he says. When you read quotes by Abraham Lincoln, you know that he is smart, thoughtful, and inspiring. We're sharing his all-time best quotes and adding fun facts about the most famous president in U.S. history.

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quotes about forgiveness


Quotes About Forgiveness

Looking for quotes about forgiveness? We got creative,we found the best forgiveness quotes and teamed them up with inspiring images. The Lord has mercy, you can too. Forgiveness is a beautiful statement of faith - you're on your way when you take these quotes to heart.

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Encouraging Quotes to Persevere in Prayer

Persevere today in prayer with uplifting scriptures and quotes.

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Simply Happy Quotes

Move over smiley face - you've got competition! Here's the happiest collection of happy quotes with big plans to bring happiness to everyone who reads and shares them.

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Positive Quotes for the Day

When you read and share positive quotes for the day, you get a head start on having the right attitude of optimism from morning to night. Here's 10 of our favorite uplifting quotes!

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Quotes to Inspire Good Fortune

There are many variables that you can control, which will bring on good fortune to your life. Here are quotes to inspire good fortune and to keep you motivated towards attaining your dreams.

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Who Said It? Life Quotes by Unknown Author

Who said it? Prayables selected 15 life quotes said with brillance and wit, but without attribution. Can you identify the unknown authors?

Related Topics: Quotes, Life Quotes, Prayables, Author Unknown

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