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Is Michelle Obama a "closet" Quaker?

After listening to the First Lady's Democratic National Convention speech, longtime Quaker Jana Llewellyn, Associate Editor of the “Friends Journal” found herself wondering if the First Family should join that traditionally all-inclusive faith of William Penn, Betsy Ross, Annie Oakley and Richard Nixon

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Is it time for an Amish President?

Are you having trouble getting excited about U.S. presidential politics? Well, maybe it’s time for something completely different. A president who rides up to the White House in a buggy and requests the light bulbs be replaced with candles.

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What Liberal Quakers Believe

Central tenets of Quakerism, based on the questions in the Belief-O-Matic quiz.

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What Sikhs Believe

Central tenets of this faith, based on the questions in the Belief-O-Matic quiz.

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Quaker (Religious Society of Friends)

Beliefnet presents Quaker inspiration features, discussions, groups, photos and more on the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

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What Orthodox Quakers Believe

The central tenets of Orthodox Quakers, based on the questions in the Belief-O-Matic quiz.

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What's an 'Unprogrammed' Quaker Wedding?

A 'Friend' friend of mine is getting married in this tradition. What should I expect?

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Who Are the Quakers?

A brief summary of Quaker ideas and history, with links to more information

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